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Citronella Dog Collar

Everyone knows that the way to discipline or deal with misbehaved cats is to spray them with a bottle of liquid, usually water. Most people do not think to apply the same principle to dogs, but it can be done. Now obviously water does not work, but you can use things like Citronella or lemon juice to help discipline your dog. The best way to go about using Citronella is to buy a Citronella dog collar. These collars works best for stopping your dog from barking unnecessarily, but they can also be used to do other disciplinary tasks, like preventing your dog from running past a certain area. Citronella collars are very much like shock collars obviously without the actual shock part, but they work very similarly.

How Do They Work

How does a Citronella dog collar work exactly? Well it’s quite simple. The collar contains a little compartment which stores a small amount of Citronella (it does not hurt the dogs in any way, but they cannot stand the smell) and when your dog barks or crosses into an area it is not supposed to, the Citronella will spray into the area in front of their nose and they will associate the bad behaviour with the smell of Citronella.

There are two types of collars, one that works via remote control. This type of collar lets you control exactly when the Citronella gets sprayed. It also lets you correct behaviour other than barking.

The other type of Citronella dog collar works by detecting vibrations in your dog’s throat and then automatically releasing the spray of Citronella. The advantages here are obviously that you do not need to be constantly watching the dog with a remote control in your hand, but on the other hand it means the collar only works to stop barking and no other bad behaviour.

How Expensive Are They

Most high quality shock collars will run you up to around the $100 mark, give or take. Thankfully a Citronella dog collar will not run you that much. You can find a high quality Citronella collar (such as the Downtown Pet Supply no bark control collar) for around $35 to $80 on places like Amazon.


ModelDog SizeDeterrentWaterproofBaterriesPrice
SportDOG Rechargeable NoBark 10R Bark Control Collar
8lbs & UpVibration/ShockFully WaterproofRechargeable$$
PetSafe Basic Bark Collar, PBC-102

8lbs & UpVibration/ShockWater ResistantLithium$
Dogtek Electronic Bark Control Dog Collar

15lbs & UpVibration/ShockWater ResistantLthium$
PetSafe Anti-Bark Spray Collar, Citronella

6lbs & UpSprayNot Waterproof6V alkaline$
Dogtra YS500 Water Proof No Bark Collar



Are They Effective

Studies have found that dogs (and dog owners) respond better to a Citronella dog collar as opposed to a shock collar of the same quality (You can read the study here So if you are dealing with barking issues or issues with your dog running out of your yard, and you are considering between a Citronella dog collar and a shock collar, then you will not go wrong with a Citronella collar.

Are They Humane

Obviously no one wants to use something that would hurt their dog. Thankfully a Citronella dog collar will not harm your dog at all. The spray is no way harmful to the dogs, and only irritates them because of the awful smell. And if you still do not want to use Citronella for some reason, you can also find versions of spray collars that use lemon juice or water. The only harm that would come from one of these types of collars is that the spray of Citronella or lemon juice may get into the dog’s eyes, but if the collar is placed correctly that should not be an issue (the collar should be placed so that the spraying part is located under and to the left or right of the dog’s jaw).

Hopefully this article answered any questions you had about Citronella collars, if you are interested we have many more articles about what the best Citronella collars are on the market.


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Training Collars For Large Dogs

Finding effective training collars for large dogs can be a bit of a hassle. Because of their large size, big dog breeds like Great Danes, Mastiffs, Bernese Mountain Dogs, etc. often are not affected by the small shocks or vibrations given out by most standard training collars; thus if you want to use a training collar on larger dogs you need something that is a bit more powerful. In this article I will be going over some of the better training collars for large dogs that you can find online via Amazon or Petsmart or whatever your preferred pet store is.


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Dogtra 1900 NCP Field Star

Dogtra is a pretty well-known name when it comes to training collars and dog related products. Dogtra, along with PetSafe are probably the two names you should look for the most when looking for training collars for large dogs, small dogs, or just dog training products in general. This training collar is used for training sports dogs and k-9 officers, so it delivers a high level of stimulation. It’s got 27 levels of stimulation, can operate at ½ mile range, and is fully waterproof; making it very versatile and customizable for your training needs. It is priced at around $200 depending on where you get it from, which is fairly normal for a high quality training collar, especially when dealing with collars that are meant for bigger dog breeds.

The Educator ET-800 1 Mile Remote Training System             

This is another heavy duty training collar from the company “Educator” who make training collars for large dogs. This training collar uses a two tier stimulation system. One button delivers a regular stimulation to the dog in the same way any training collar would, the other button delivers “boost stimulation” which is where there is a small beep before the stimulation occurs (about 1-2 seconds), your dog will eventually associate the beep with the stimulation and begin responding to the beep itself. This is less stressful for the dog, and easier for you as a trainer. The collar has a huge stimulation range, going from 1 to 100 unique levels of stimulation; so no matter your dog’s size you will find a level of stimulation that your dog responds to. The collar and receiver are of course waterproof and comes with a 2 year warrantee. You can also get a two dog model if want to train multiple dogs with one receiver. It is priced in the $200-250 range much like the Dogtra collar discussed earlier.

 PetSafe Elite Big Dog Rechargeable Remote Trainer

As I stated earlier PetSafe is one of the premier manufacturers of training collars for dogs of all sizes, and this collar is no exception. It costs around $180, so it’s a bit cheaper than the previous two collars I looked at. It does have less levels of stimulation as a result, only having 15 as opposed to 27 or 100; so if having a lot of stimulation levels is important than this collar may not be for you and I recommend you spring the extra money to get the Dogtra or the Educator. It has just over a ½ mile range and the collar and receiver are both waterproof; so this collar is fine for those who like to take their dog hiking. Like the Educator, this collar has a “tone only” option allowing you to warn your dog before the collar delivers the stimulation, hopefully allowing you to eventually train your dog by tone alone. The receiver also has a button that allows you to instantly double the stimulation your dog receives, this is for drastic situations where you need to quickly and effectively warn your dog that their behaviour is unacceptable (like running towards the road).  If you want you can also buy a two dog model for training multiple dogs with one receiver instead of just one dog per receiver.

These collars are of course not the only training collars for large dogs that you can get, but they are three very popular models that can be found online on places like amazon and in big pet stores; and are very good starting collars for those who do not know anything about dog training.


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Remote Dog Collars

Remote dog collars can be a great tool for training dogs, especially hard to control breeds like huskies, Labrador Retrievers, among other breeds. Remote dog collars are usually associated with shock collars, but there are different types of remote control collars that shock, vibrate, or spray bursts of liquid (usually lemon juice or citronella oil). These collars have a wide range of uses that go from stopping unnecessary barking, to teaching your dog not to run outside a certain area like a backyard, to getting your dog to listen to commands. They generally are not meant for teaching dog’s tricks, and should really only be used to correct bad behaviour. With that being said let’s look at some of the more popular remote dog collars on the market today. SEE REVIEWS BELOW GUIDE


Shock Collar Comparison Guide

Dogtra 1900NCP Field Star 1/2 mile Training Collar Single Dog

1/2-mile Medium/LargeRechargeableFully Waterproof$$$
PetSafe Yard & Park Remote Dog Trainer, PDT00-12470

400 Yards8lbs & UpRechargeableFully Waterproof$$
Aetertek AT-216S-350W Remote Dog Training Shock Collar

400 Yards15lbs - 150lbsRechargeable Collar OnlyCollar Only$
SportDOG Stubborn Dog Yard Trainer, SD-105S

100 Yards8lbs & UpLithium Collar Only$$
SportDOG SD-425 FieldTrainer Remote Dog Training System, Black

500 Yards15lbs & UpRechargeableFully Waterproof$$1/2

Dogwidgets® DW-3 Remote 1 Dog Training Shock Collar with Vibration
600 Feet15lbs - 100lbsLithiumNot Waterproof$

[2014 Latest] Esky EP-300R-B1 UP to 300M Range Rechargeable LCD Remote Shock Control Pet Dog Training Collar with 100 Level of Vibration+ 100 Level of Static Shock+ Tone For 15-120lb Dog
600 Feet15lbs - 120lbsRechargeableNot Waterproof$

Dogtra Euro Advanced 3/4 Mile Remote Trainer
3/4 Mile20lbs & UpRechargeableFully Waterproof$$$$

SportDOG ProHunter, SD-2525
2 MilesLargeRechargeableFully Waterproof$$$$

Dogtra D3502 NCP Super X Training Collar
1 Mile20lbs & UpRechargeableFully Waterproof$$$$$



PetSafe Yard and Park Dog Trainer

This is from PetSafe, who are one of the more reliable producers of remote dog collars out there. They deliver quality collars and have a very good warranty program if it happens to break. This particular collar is on the more expensive side (around $150) from PetSmart, but it is definitely very high quality. It should only be used for dogs about 8 lbs. and up, so medium to large sized breeds. It also has the ability to handle up to 3 dogs at once, although you do need to buy the extra two collars separately, great if you have multiple dogs with behavioural issues. It’s also very durable, with rechargeable batteries (with a multiyear lifespan), a water proof transmitter and receiver, and in case it does malfunction there is a lifetime warranty. It’s also customizable with 8 different levels of stimulation (including an option for positive reinforcement, so you can let your dog know when you approve of its behaviour). So while the $150 may be a steep price, you are getting a very high quality collar. PetSafe makes several variants of this collar such as the “Big Dog Remote Trainer” which is meant for dogs that are over 40 lbs. Or the “Little Dog Remote Trainer” for smaller breeds like bulldogs or dogs of that size. They are generally the same and you will not notice a substantial difference between the various remote dog collars made by PetSafe, so I recommend just going with the cheapest version offered (unless you have a small dog, in which case go for the Little Dog Remote Trainer).

Sunbeam Remote Static Dog Trainer

This collar comes from Sunbeam who makes a wide variety of quality products, but are not particularly associated with pet products. This collar is different from the PetSafe one in that this one only has 3 levels of stimulation as opposed to 8, but it does come with a warning feature that causes the collar to emit a beep letting your dog know it should stop its bad behaviour or it may get shocked. Much like the PetSafe it works on dogs 8 lbs. and up, and like the PetSafe it costs around $150 from PetSmart. This collar is lighter on features when compared with the PetSafe one, and I would say there is no real reason to get it over the PetSafe one, unless you can’t find the PetSafe one; in which case the Sunbeam collar is a great substitute and will be still be a very effective training collar.


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