5 Tips For Training With Electronic Dog Collars

5 Tips For Training With Electronic Dog Collars


Despite what some may say, electronic dog collars are valid and useful training tools, they can be used to make training your dog easier and more effective. This is only if the electric dog collar is used correctly and properly. Electronic dog collars are not a cure all. They will not turn a rowdy dog into an award winning show dog unless you are willing to put the time and effort into training your dog. An electric dog collar will make your training your dog easier, but it will still require time and effort to train your dog. So, with that being said here are 5 tips for training a dog with an electric dog collar.


 1: Your Dog Won’t Train Itself, Be A Good Trainer And Educate Yourself.

Every dedicated dog owner should spend a bit of time learning how to be a good trainer, learning about the various training methods and tools available, a good understanding of how to use your electric dog collar properly, and safely, and most importantly learn about your dog, what they are like and what methods they respond best to. Far too many people assume that buying an electric dog collar is all they need to do and that the dog will self train after that. This simply isn’t true, buying an electric dog collar is a great first step but there is still work to do if you want a well trained dog.


2: Practice Using Your Electronic Dog Collar And Know How It Works.

Most people assume using an electric dog collar will be as simple as pressing a button, whenever the dog misbehaves. While electronic dog collars are easy to use, one should still understand how it works and what settings are the best. Every electric dog collar comes with different settings for different types of dogs. Most prospective trainers should start with the lowest setting (practically a tickle) and turn up  the settings until your dog acknowledges the collar; once that happens training can begin.


3: Consistency Is Key When Using An Electronic Dog Collar.

Too many people think electronic dog collars are only supposed to be used for one issue or for one problem and then never used again. This is bad for your dog’s training and will lead to your dog misbehaving until the collar is put back on. The collar should be put on the dog whenever your dog misbehaves. It should also be kept on the dog as often as possible and only taken off in small increments. This prevents the dog from associating the collar with training and will make sure the dog always behaves as if it has the collar on.

4: Short Cuts Are Always Bad, No Matter How Tempting They May Seem.

Shortcuts may seem tempting, but when it comes to training your dog, you should never take a shortcut, an easy way out, or procrastinate in anyway. Doing so can damage any headway you may have made with your dog. Never skip over training because you think it isn’t worth it, or you think you’re dog will learn without it. Constant training while a time consuming and a lot of work, will pay off in the end.


5: Every Dog Is Different, Get To Know Your Dog.

Every dog is different. Different breeds, sizes, temperaments, attitudes, much like humans, dogs are diverse even if they may look the same. Never be angry or upset that your dog isn’t responding as well your other dog or don’t be nervous when your dog doesn’t train as quickly as your neighbour’s dog. Set realistic goals for your dog, get to know them and figure out hey they react to different training methods. Knowing your dog is a crucial step in training your dog.

This guide has hopefully give you tips on how to train your dog using an electric dog collar, but by no means is it exhaustive, if you find something that work go with it. Training your dog is important and difficult, so don’t be intimidated if you don’t get the hang of it right away, it is a learning experience for you and your dog.

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