Bark Collars

Bark Collar…Will It Work?

There are generally 3 different types of Bark Collars: 1)      The first type of Bark Collar makes a noise triggered by a dogs bark…The noise is meant to be irritating to a dog’s ears and it is a sound only the dog can hear. The way this works is the dogs associates the bark with... Read More »

Citronella Dog Collar

Everyone knows that the way to discipline or deal with misbehaved cats is to spray them with a bottle of liquid, usually water. Most people do not think to apply the same principle to dogs, but it can be done. Now obviously water does not work, but you can use things like Citronella or lemon... Read More »

Citronella Bark Collar, Do They Work?

A Citronella bark collar can be a great tool for training dogs not to bark, whereas most anti bark collars will shock or vibrate to stop your dog from barking, citronella collars will release a spray of Citronella in front of the dog’s face. Dog’s find the scent of Citronella unpleasant, and will begin to... Read More »

Bark Deterrent Options

One of the most annoying parts about owning a dog is barking. It can lead to many headaches, and can cause your neighbors to hate you. Many people think there is no such thing as a bark deterrent, and that it is just a natural thing dogs do, but they are wrong. There is no... Read More »

How To Choose The Best Dog Bark Collar

There are two main types of electronic dog collars out there. The more famous ones are the so called “shock collars”. For those who don’t know, shock collars are electronic collars placed around a dog’s neck (like a regular collar) and when the dog does something wrong, the owner can activate the collar and deliver... Read More »