Shock Collars

Remote Dog Collar – Are They For Me?

Remote Dog Collar There is a lot of info out there about the use of a remote dog collar for the purposes of training your dogs. These collars are more often known as “shock collars” but they are not the only kinds. In this article I want to go over the various different types of... Read More »

Dog Shock Collar…Training Not Torture

Do a quick search online and you will read many articles and opinions on how shock training is cruel and abusive. These people are not looking at the big picture or have never tried to train a stubborn Dog. I agree that a Dog shock collar that is not used properly can do more harm... Read More »

Remote Dog Collars

Remote dog collars can be a great tool for training dogs, especially hard to control breeds like huskies, Labrador Retrievers, among other breeds. Remote dog collars are usually associated with shock collars, but there are different types of remote control collars that shock, vibrate, or spray bursts of liquid (usually lemon juice or citronella oil).... Read More »