Dog Shock Collar…Training Not Torture

February 23, 2014

Do a quick search online and you will read many articles and opinions on how shock training is cruel and abusive. These people are not looking at the big picture or have never tried to train a stubborn Dog. I agree that a Dog shock collar that is not used properly can do more harm than good but used properly shock collars can effectively and safely train any Dog. Many of the people against shock collar training look at rare instances of collars malfunctioning and injuring a dog…I have yet to see this in over 10 years of shock collar training and using 100’s of shock collars.

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People need to realize that a trained dog is a safe and happy dog and if shock collar training is done properly then the device does not need to be worn for very long. All dogs are different and learn at different paces but shock collars are usually not meant to be worn for the dog’s lifetime…just until they learn proper behavior. Untrained dogs can be dangerous to themselves and others. What if your dog shows aggression towards people or other dogs? Does your Dog know they are at risk of being put down if they bite someone? Does your dog know they can be injured if they run out onto the road? The answer is NO! We as dog owners have a responsibility to train and control our pets for their benefit and quality of life. Shock collars allow the average person that does not have 8 hours a day to work with their dogs to effectively train and control their dogs. Shock Collars, when used properly, can train or teach dog’s proper behavior in days…Not weeks or months.

Many professional trainers believe in using a dog shock collar as a training tool. The vibration or low level shock is similar to human touch to alert or refocus a dogs attention…This allows the trainer to bring unwanted behaviour to the dogs attention and correct it immediately. It also lets the dog know immediately that the behavior was wrong…This is the most important part of training a dog…They do not know their behavior 10 seconds ago was wrong…A Dog shock collar is an immediate correction technique that works.

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Remote Dog Collars

February 28, 2016

Remote dog collars can be a great tool for training dogs, especially hard to control breeds like huskies, Labrador Retrievers, among other breeds. Remote dog collars are usually associated with shock collars, but there are different types of remote control collars that shock, vibrate, or spray bursts of liquid (usually lemon juice or citronella oil). These collars have a wide range of uses that go from stopping unnecessary barking, to teaching your dog not to run outside a certain area like a backyard, to getting your dog to listen to commands. They generally are not meant for teaching dog’s tricks, and should really only be used to correct bad behaviour. With that being said let’s look at some of the more popular remote dog collars on the market today. SEE REVIEWS BELOW GUIDE


Shock Collar Comparison Guide

Dogtra 1900NCP Field Star 1/2 mile Training Collar Single Dog

1/2-mile Medium/LargeRechargeableFully Waterproof$$$
PetSafe Yard & Park Remote Dog Trainer, PDT00-12470

400 Yards8lbs & UpRechargeableFully Waterproof$$
Aetertek AT-216S-350W Remote Dog Training Shock Collar

400 Yards15lbs - 150lbsRechargeable Collar OnlyCollar Only$
SportDOG Stubborn Dog Yard Trainer, SD-105S

100 Yards8lbs & UpLithium Collar Only$$
SportDOG SD-425 FieldTrainer Remote Dog Training System, Black

500 Yards15lbs & UpRechargeableFully Waterproof$$1/2

Dogwidgets® DW-3 Remote 1 Dog Training Shock Collar with Vibration
600 Feet15lbs - 100lbsLithiumNot Waterproof$

[2014 Latest] Esky EP-300R-B1 UP to 300M Range Rechargeable LCD Remote Shock Control Pet Dog Training Collar with 100 Level of Vibration+ 100 Level of Static Shock+ Tone For 15-120lb Dog
600 Feet15lbs - 120lbsRechargeableNot Waterproof$

Dogtra Euro Advanced 3/4 Mile Remote Trainer
3/4 Mile20lbs & UpRechargeableFully Waterproof$$$$

SportDOG ProHunter, SD-2525
2 MilesLargeRechargeableFully Waterproof$$$$

Dogtra D3502 NCP Super X Training Collar
1 Mile20lbs & UpRechargeableFully Waterproof$$$$$



PetSafe Yard and Park Dog Trainer

This is from PetSafe, who are one of the more reliable producers of remote dog collars out there. They deliver quality collars and have a very good warranty program if it happens to break. This particular collar is on the more expensive side (around $150) from PetSmart, but it is definitely very high quality. It should only be used for dogs about 8 lbs. and up, so medium to large sized breeds. It also has the ability to handle up to 3 dogs at once, although you do need to buy the extra two collars separately, great if you have multiple dogs with behavioural issues. It’s also very durable, with rechargeable batteries (with a multiyear lifespan), a water proof transmitter and receiver, and in case it does malfunction there is a lifetime warranty. It’s also customizable with 8 different levels of stimulation (including an option for positive reinforcement, so you can let your dog know when you approve of its behaviour). So while the $150 may be a steep price, you are getting a very high quality collar. PetSafe makes several variants of this collar such as the “Big Dog Remote Trainer” which is meant for dogs that are over 40 lbs. Or the “Little Dog Remote Trainer” for smaller breeds like bulldogs or dogs of that size. They are generally the same and you will not notice a substantial difference between the various remote dog collars made by PetSafe, so I recommend just going with the cheapest version offered (unless you have a small dog, in which case go for the Little Dog Remote Trainer).

Sunbeam Remote Static Dog Trainer

This collar comes from Sunbeam who makes a wide variety of quality products, but are not particularly associated with pet products. This collar is different from the PetSafe one in that this one only has 3 levels of stimulation as opposed to 8, but it does come with a warning feature that causes the collar to emit a beep letting your dog know it should stop its bad behaviour or it may get shocked. Much like the PetSafe it works on dogs 8 lbs. and up, and like the PetSafe it costs around $150 from PetSmart. This collar is lighter on features when compared with the PetSafe one, and I would say there is no real reason to get it over the PetSafe one, unless you can’t find the PetSafe one; in which case the Sunbeam collar is a great substitute and will be still be a very effective training collar.


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