Everyone knows that the way to discipline or deal with misbehaved cats is to spray them with a bottle of liquid, usually water. Most people do not think to apply the same principle to dogs, but it can be done. Now obviously water does not work, but you can use things like Citronella or lemon juice to help discipline your dog. The best way to go about using Citronella is to buy a Citronella dog collar. These collars works best for stopping your dog from barking unnecessarily, but they can also be used to do other disciplinary tasks, like preventing your dog from running past a certain area. Citronella collars are very much like shock collars obviously without the actual shock part, but they work very similarly.

How Do They Work

How does a Citronella dog collar work exactly? Well it’s quite simple. The collar contains a little compartment which stores a small amount of Citronella (it does not hurt the dogs in any way, but they cannot stand the smell) and when your dog barks or crosses into an area it is not supposed to, the Citronella will spray into the area in front of their nose and they will associate the bad behaviour with the smell of Citronella.

There are two types of collars, one that works via remote control. This type of collar lets you control exactly when the Citronella gets sprayed. It also lets you correct behaviour other than barking.

The other type of Citronella dog collar works by detecting vibrations in your dog’s throat and then automatically releasing the spray of Citronella. The advantages here are obviously that you do not need to be constantly watching the dog with a remote control in your hand, but on the other hand it means the collar only works to stop barking and no other bad behaviour.

How Expensive Are They

Most high quality shock collars will run you up to around the $100 mark, give or take. Thankfully a Citronella dog collar will not run you that much. You can find a high quality Citronella collar (such as the Downtown Pet Supply no bark control collar) for around $35 to $80 on places like Amazon.


ModelDog SizeDeterrentWaterproofBaterriesPrice
SportDOG Rechargeable NoBark 10R Bark Control Collar
8lbs & UpVibration/ShockFully WaterproofRechargeable$$
PetSafe Basic Bark Collar, PBC-102

8lbs & UpVibration/ShockWater ResistantLithium$
Dogtek Electronic Bark Control Dog Collar

15lbs & UpVibration/ShockWater ResistantLthium$
PetSafe Anti-Bark Spray Collar, Citronella

6lbs & UpSprayNot Waterproof6V alkaline$
Dogtra YS500 Water Proof No Bark Collar



Are They Effective

Studies have found that dogs (and dog owners) respond better to a Citronella dog collar as opposed to a shock collar of the same quality (You can read the study here http://www.news.cornell.edu/stories/1996/06/citronella-spray-collars-curb-barking-dogs-best). So if you are dealing with barking issues or issues with your dog running out of your yard, and you are considering between a Citronella dog collar and a shock collar, then you will not go wrong with a Citronella collar.

Are They Humane

Obviously no one wants to use something that would hurt their dog. Thankfully a Citronella dog collar will not harm your dog at all. The spray is no way harmful to the dogs, and only irritates them because of the awful smell. And if you still do not want to use Citronella for some reason, you can also find versions of spray collars that use lemon juice or water. The only harm that would come from one of these types of collars is that the spray of Citronella or lemon juice may get into the dog’s eyes, but if the collar is placed correctly that should not be an issue (the collar should be placed so that the spraying part is located under and to the left or right of the dog’s jaw).

Hopefully this article answered any questions you had about Citronella collars, if you are interested we have many more articles about what the best Citronella collars are on the market.


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