Dog Shock Collar…Training Not Torture

Do a quick search online and you will read many articles and opinions on how shock training is cruel and abusive. These people are not looking at the big picture or have never tried to train a stubborn Dog. I agree that a Dog shock collar that is not used properly can do more harm than good but used properly shock collars can effectively and safely train any Dog. Many of the people against shock collar training look at rare instances of collars malfunctioning and injuring a dog…I have yet to see this in over 10 years of shock collar training and using 100’s of shock collars.

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People need to realize that a trained dog is a safe and happy dog and if shock collar training is done properly then the device does not need to be worn for very long. All dogs are different and learn at different paces but shock collars are usually not meant to be worn for the dog’s lifetime…just until they learn proper behavior. Untrained dogs can be dangerous to themselves and others. What if your dog shows aggression towards people or other dogs? Does your Dog know they are at risk of being put down if they bite someone? Does your dog know they can be injured if they run out onto the road? The answer is NO! We as dog owners have a responsibility to train and control our pets for their benefit and quality of life. Shock collars allow the average person that does not have 8 hours a day to work with their dogs to effectively train and control their dogs. Shock Collars, when used properly, can train or teach dog’s proper behavior in days…Not weeks or months.

Many professional trainers believe in using a dog shock collar as a training tool. The vibration or low level shock is similar to human touch to alert or refocus a dogs attention…This allows the trainer to bring unwanted behaviour to the dogs attention and correct it immediately. It also lets the dog know immediately that the behavior was wrong…This is the most important part of training a dog…They do not know their behavior 10 seconds ago was wrong…A Dog shock collar is an immediate correction technique that works.

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