Petsafe Elite Little Dog Bark Control Review

Petsafe Elite Little Dog Bark Control

Petsafe Elite Little Dog Bark Control Collar

The Petsafe Elite Little Dog Bark Control collar is an electronic dog collar bought to you by the people at Petsafe. This collar’s purpose is to stop your dog’s excessive barking; because of that, this type of collar is often called a no bark collar. The collar is lightweight and compact, with an adjustable nylon collar. The collar is designed with smaller dog breeds in mind. It can also be used comfortably on medium sized dogs. The collar fits neck sizes up to 16 inches and is effective on dogs that weight 8 to 55 pounds. The collar works by listening for the sound of your dog’s barking and sensing vibration in the dog’s vocal cords. The collar uses advanced technology to deactivate itself if the dog continues to bark. This ensures that the dog will not be continually corrected. A neat feature of the no bark collar is that it will remeber the last level of correction used on your dog, this means the next time your dog barks, the collar will pick up where it left off.

The collar comes with a non rechargeable battery. The battery does have a long life (I haven’t had to replace after nearly a month of usage) but it still is very inconvienent, especially when most collars on the market have rechargable batteries. The on-off switch is also very cumbersome and can be hard to use. Besides these small flaws, this no bark collar is one of the best on the market especially for small dogs,who are often under represented on the electronic dog collar market. If you have a smaller dog that won’t stop barking, consider picking up this collar; as it can make your life a whole lot easier.

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