SportDOG SD-425 Field Trainer Remote Dog Training System Review

SportDOG SD-425 FieldTrainer Remote Dog Training SystemThe SportDOG SD-425 Field Trainer Remote Dog Training System is a heavy duty electronic dog collar. The model is very compact and is one of the most compact electronic dog collars available. The collar as you can tell from the name is intended for larger dogs and more specifically sporting and pointing dogs. The collar is waterproof and can be submerged up to 25 feet underwater. This means it is perfect for use at a beach or a lake and it means that your dog can play in the water without fear of hurting itself or damaging the collar. The collar comes with different lengths of prongs so that the collar is still effective on different types of coats. The collar has three different modes: stimulation, vibration, and tone. The stimulation mode is where the dog will receive a minor shock when the button on the receiver is pressed, vibration modes causes the collar to vibrate which will get the dog’s attention, and finally tone mode is to give the dog a warning sound to let it know the behaviour is not okay. The goal with this collar is to work your way up to where you only have to use the tone or the vibration setting to get a reaction from your dog. This collar is great for training in the field, training hunting dogs, and training work dogs. It is recommended that the collar only be used on dogs that weigh more than 12 pounds.

I used this collar on my troublesome German Sheppard and found that it was very effective, the dog responded well after just a few uses of the collar and eventually he began to respond to the warning sound. This has stopped my German Sheppard from running away when going on hikes or long walks in open areas. The collar also comes with a rechargeable batteries and a rechargeable receiver; both of which have a very satisfactory battery life. The collar offers 7 different levels of stimulation that can be changed on the fly using the receiver. This collar is a great buy if you have a larger dog or a sporting dog of any kind. Even though it is a bit pricey, the collar is well worth the 170 dollars that it can be found for on Amazon.  SportDOG SD-425 Field Trainer Remote Dog Training System 

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