SportDOG Yard Trainer SD-105S Review

SportDOG Yard Trainer, SD-105SThe SportDog Yard Trainer SD-105 Dog Trainer is a standard electric shock collar. The collar as the name suggests is for particularly stubborn dogs that just won’t listen. The collar is only effective for about 100 yards meaning it isn’t as good for walking or hiking with your dog since the dog must stay relatively close by. But because the collar is only effective for 100 yards it does cost less than other quality electric dog collars that have a range of 400 or 800 yards. Like many electric dog collars on the market today this collar is waterproof and comes with a waterproof receiver meaning it is good to have in a beach setting. The collar is suited for medium and large dogs, and includes 8 different levels of stimulation. This is good if you have a particularly tough dog who doesn’t respond to the lower levels of stimulation. The collar and receiver have a low battery detection system so there is no risk of the battery dying when you need it most. Though the collar does have issues with battery life, the collar drains batteries pretty quickly compared to other electronic dog collars. Like other dog collars this collar has a beep function so that after a few uses you no longer have to actually shock your dog to get their attention, you can simply beep the collar to get the dog’s attention.

I found that the collar overall had a great design but that the batteries could be a bit stubborn to replace because the design on the back of the collar is tricky. The collar definitely does eats through batteries at a quick rate but the collar does work very well besides that flaw. The collar is very durable and meant for rough dogs. So this collar is a must if your dog is the type that breaks or snaps collars easily. However, the collar is definitely meant for bigger dogs and shouldn’t be used on dogs that are less than 8 pounds; the collar because of the 100 yard range the collar is much more effective if you don’t take your dogs on hikes or outdoors often. It may not be the best electric dog collar on the market, but it is reasonably priced and a decent collar for more suburban dogs.  SportDOG Yard Trainer SD-105S Review

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