Bark Collar…Will It Work?

February 23, 2014

There are generally 3 different types of Bark Collars:

1)      The first type of Bark Collar makes a noise triggered by a dogs bark…The noise is meant to be irritating to a dog’s ears and it is a sound only the dog can hear. The way this works is the dogs associates the bark with the negative piercing sound.

2)      The next type of Bark Collar will release a citronella smell when the dog barks. The smell of citronella is a deterrent for dogs as they generally dislike the smell. The scent is released automatically by the bark collar.

3)      The final and most successful from my experience is the Bark Collar that gives the dog a light shock after he or she barks. The shock is light (most models also have a vibrate option) and will not harm the dog but it is unpleasant enough so the Dog does not want it to happen again. These are also the most reliable as well…This is important as for the dog to associate the feeling with barking the shock needs to consistently happen after every bark.

ModelDog SizeDeterrentWaterproofBaterriesPrice
SportDOG Rechargeable NoBark 10R Bark Control Collar
8lbs & UpVibration/ShockFully WaterproofRechargeable$$
PetSafe Basic Bark Collar, PBC-102

8lbs & UpVibration/ShockWater ResistantLithium$
Dogtek Electronic Bark Control Dog Collar

15lbs & UpVibration/ShockWater ResistantLthium$
PetSafe Anti-Bark Spray Collar, Citronella

6lbs & UpSprayNot Waterproof6V alkaline$
Dogtra YS500 Water Proof No Bark Collar


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More About Bark Collars

Bark Collars are electronic collars that are activated by your dogs bark. These collars are very effective in minimizing certain types of Dog barking. Dogs bark for many different reasons, they can bark for warning of danger, fear or just to get a reaction…The last type of barking is where bark collars are most effective. The reason they are effective against this type of barking is because it is not instinct for the dog to bark for no apparent reason…It is a learned behavior that can easily be stopped in most Dogs. The most effective Bark Collar is the model that gives the dog a mild shock or vibration when they bark. These collars seem to be less likely to be activated by other barking nearby and the shock seems to be the best deterrent that I have noticed in my many years of raising dogs of all breeds.

*All Dogs are different but the unwanted barking should end within a day or two if not quicker.

For Best Results Using A Bark Collar:

1. Make Sure The Collar Fits Properly: The Bark Collar needs to be comfortable on your dog…If the collar is uncomfortable it will be a distraction to the Dog and it will not learn as quickly.

2. Buy The Collar Right For Your Dogs Learning Level: All Dogs are different…Some are more stubborn than others. A Dog that generally learns and modifies behavior quickly might react better to the sound or smell release models of Bark Collar.

3. Compare Prices Online: We all know Vets can mark up prices on products…So it is important to research prices and reviews. You will probably have a better chance of getting the Bark Collar that is right for your dog and at a better price.

4. Avoid Bark Collars With Single Settings: The single setting will probably be too strong for your Dog. If this turns out to be the case you may do more harm than good to your Dog.

5. Allow You Dog To Get Used To The Collar: This is very important! For Bark Collars to be successful the Dog must not associate the negative stimulus to the collar…If they do then they will know when the collar is not on. This will make it much more difficult to rid your Dog’s barking problem and the Dog will have to wear the bark collar longer.

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SportDOG Rechargeable NoBark 10R Bark Control Collar Review

February 24, 2014

SportDOG Rechargeable NoBark 10R Bark Control Collar

SportDOG Rechargeable NoBark 10R Bark Control Collar

The SportDOG No Bark collar is an electronic collar designed to stop your dog from barking excessively safely and comfortably; commonly known as bark collars. The collar works by using a built in microphone to detect the sound of your dog’s barking but what prevents the collar from going off due to other dogs barking is a sensor located in the collar that detects movement in your dog’s vocal regions.  The collar features 10 different levels of stimulation, and 3 different training modes. The three training modes are a particularity unique feature and they set this bark collar apart from others on the market. The three different training modes are: Temperament, where stimulation increases until barking stops and the last level of stimulation becomes the new default level, Progressive, where stimulation increases until barking stops but the level resets back to the lowest setting, and finally there is user-selected mode where the owner sets the stimulation level.

The collar requires no assembly what so ever, and it comes with a rechargeable battery. The collar is waterproof so it doesn’t need to be taken off if your dog is near water; this makes the collar useful at the beach or on a lake, etc. I noticed that the battery life was very long and you could get around 24 hours of use out of the collar before needing to charge it. The bark collar also has a built in safety feature where the collar will auto shutoff after a minute if your dog keeps barking, this is to prevent over stimulation and doesn’t punish your dog if it is barking for a valid reason (intruder, injury). The collar comes with a operating guide to help you figure out what level of stimulation you should put the collar to, what the best ways to use the collar are, and other helpful tips. SportDOG offers a lifetime warranty for the bark collar, though the collar is very durable so it is unlikely that you will need to use it. The collar is also pretty reasonably priced and one can get it from Amazon (put link to amazon) for just under 90 dollars. The only real downside to this collar is that it only offers electric stimulation and doesn’t give the option to use non physical stimulation like spray or sound. Besides that the SportDOG Rechargeable NoBark 10R Bark Control Collar is a great buy if you have a dog that won’t stop barking.

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