Top 5 Bark Collars

PetSafe Basic Bark Collar, PBC-102PetSafe Basic Bark Collar, PBC-102

On the crowded market of bark collars for dogs, the PetSafe Basic Bark Collar does stand out as being one of the most inexpensive and best electronic dog collars out there. The bark collar works by sending harmless static electricity to the dog whenever it barks; the barking is detected by a microphone attached to the recivier on the collar, the collar also has a sensor which will detect motion in your dog’s vocal cords; this ensures that your dog won’t be accidently shocked because of other dog’s barking. The collar is made of nylon and it is adjustable meaning that the collar won’t fall off easily, and it can fit any dog’s neck.

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Dogtek Electronic Bark Control Dog CollarDogtek Electronic Bark Control Dog Collar

The Dogtek Electronic Bark Control Dog Collar is an electronic dog collar, which as the name gives away, is intended to control your dog’s excessive, annoying barking. These are commonly called “bark collars” as opposed to shock collars. The collar is intended for dog breeds 15 pounds and over, so unfortunately if you have a toy breed of dog this is not the collar for you. The bark collar is lightweight and features an adjustable nylon strap

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Dogtra YS500 Water Proof No Bark CollarDogtra YS500 Water Proof No Bark Collar

The Dogtra YS500 Water Proof No Bark Collar is an anti bark collar that can help you curb your dog’s incessant and excessive barking. The collar uses a receiver mounted on the collar to pick up vibrations in your dog’s vocal cords and provides stimulation that stops the dog from barking. The collar has 7 different levels of stimulation so it can be fine tuned for your dog’s training needs. The receiver also contains a convenient dial to allow you easily control the collar’s on/off function and the different levels of stimulation. The collar also has an LED battery life indicator so you can always know when you need to charge the collar next.

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Petsafe Elite Little Dog Bark ControlPetsafe Elite Little Dog Bark Control

The Petsafe Elite Bark Control collar is an electronic dog collar bought to you by the people at Petsafe. This collar’s purpose is to stop your dog’s excessive barking; because of that, this type of collar is often called a no bark collar. The collar is lightweight and compact, with an adjustable nylon collar. The collar is designed with smaller dog breeds in mind. It can also be used comfortably on medium sized dogs. The collar fits neck sizes up to 16 inches and is effective on dogs that weight 8 to 55 pounds.

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SportDOG Rechargeable NoBark 10R Bark Control CollarSportDOG Rechargeable NoBark 10R Bark Control Collar

The SportDOG NoBark collar is an electronic collar designed to stop your dog from barking excessively safely and comfortably; commonly known as bark collars. The collar works by using a built in microphone to detect the sound of your dog’s barking but what prevents the collar from going off due to other dogs barking is a sensor located in the collar that detects movement in your dog’s vocal regions.  The collar features 10 different levels of stimulation, and 3 different training modes.

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