What Brand Of Dog Training Collar Should You Choose?

There are many brands and models of dog training collars available today which makes it much more difficult for average dog owners to decide on which dog training collar to choose. The first decision is to evaluate the behaviors you are trying to correct in your dog and the environment that you and your dog coexist in. If the only challenge you have with your dog’s behavior is constant barking for no reason then a bark collar would probably be enough to solve the problem. If your dog has multiple behavior issues that you are trying to correct then you should probably be looking at a dog training collar with a remote.

Next the dog owner should evaluate the environment in which the behavior will be corrected. If the dog spends the majority of its time in a backyard, house or on a leash then a short range dog shock collar would probably be a good choice. If you own a dog that is more active and does not behave properly while off leash then one would need to look at a training collar that functions well when there is more distance between the owner and their dog. Many brands of dog training collars have models that will still work when the dog is up to or further than a mile away.


Top Training Collar Brands


Sportdog Training Collars

Sportdog have been producing electric dog collars for over 10 years and are generally considered by many trainers as the manufacturer of choice for shock collars. The Soportdog company has expanded to develope multiple training and hunting accessories over the last 10 years. Sportdog is the band of choice by hunters for dog training collars as their collars are very durable and many are designed for longer ranges. Sportdog is also a founding member of the EMCA  (Association for Technology in the Protection of Companion Animals).

Sportdog Collar Pricing And Testimonials 



Petsafe manufactures many models of both dog training collars and dog bark collars. They make quality products with the average dog owner in mind. Many models a reasonably priced and very well made. You will not find the receiver range as far as hunting dog models and the longest range is up to 1000 yards but their products are aimed more towards everyday dog owners and not hunting dogs. Petsafe is a member of EMCA  (Association for Technology in the Protection of Companion Animals).

PetSafe Collar Pricing And Testimonials


Dogtra Training Collars

Dogtra is a company that specializes in only dog training supplies such as collars and invisible fencing. Their dog training collars range from collars for small dogs right up to industrial models for hunting dogs. If you are in need of certain features such as long range or many levels of shock stimulation then Dogtra is sure to have a model that fits your needs and price range. Petsafe is a member of EMCA  (Association for Technology in the Protection of Companion Animals).

Dogtra Collar Pricing And Testimonials


Esky Training Collar

Esky is a company that specializes in a wide range of electronic surevelliance systems. They have recently branched out into shock collars for dogs. They offer a few different models at very reasonable prices. Esky training collars are geared towards small to medium dog owners that want a reliable close range training collar but do not want to pay very much to see if this training method suits their needs. Most Esky training collars are under $30 in price.

Esky Collar Pricing And Testimonials



Dogwidgets Training Collar

Dogwidgets specializes in only lower to medium priced dog training collars. Their products are geared towards average dog owners that want a quality med-range product for under $100. They have several models to fit the needs of almost every type of dog from small to large and home based to very active. Dogwidgets offers a 6 month full replacement warranty which shows confidence in their product and a strong commitment to their customers.

Dogwidgets Collar Pricing And Testimonials




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